Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Virtual Reality (VR) suitable for?
VR is suitable for everyone who is interested in modern entertainment or a wide range of VR for work, study, training. Suitable from the age of 8 years.
VR is a very sporty way of entertainment where the user’s senses and skills are tested in a visually very engaging environment. On first experience, we recommend experiencing VR depending on how you feel, but not more than 20 minutes in a row in one experience. If you feel good, you can play for several hours in a row.
Who is not suitable for VR?
1) Virtual reality is not suitable for children under 8 years of age.
2) For people with epilepsy or other active image disorders.
3) For people with a mild seasickness or other similar condition.

VR may make some new users feel dizzy (2/50) because the content they experience may be visually too urgent. VR technology can also deceive people’s senses, such as seeing, hearing, perceiving space, which can confuse the mind.

What can you experience in VR Lounge?

VR Lounge offers the user a wide range of virtual reality experience: experiences for entertainment, work, study. See more information about the experiences here!
In addition, there are Playstation game consoles and a Mash Machine, behind which up to 4 people can experience. There is a lot of interesting eye-catching art and technology worth discovering on site also.

How do you book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with us through the contact form or booking form.

How is VR Lounge service different from other service providers?
First and foremost, we always use the best technology on the market to provide our users with the best VR experience they can experience.
What events can be organized with VR Lounge?
Korraldame sünnipäevi, firmapidusid, poiste-ja tüdrukute õhtuid, kui ka niisama üksik- ja paariselamusi.
Tuleme ükskõik KUHU ja ükskõik MILLAL.aWe organize birthdays, company parties, boys ‘and girls’ evenings, as well as singles and couples.
We will come ANYWHERE and ANYWHERE.
How many people can we accommodate in our center?
Our center can accommodate up to 20 people. Virtual reality can be enjoyed by up to 3 people at a time, but there are side activities for up to 8 people.
How many players can experience VR at once?
With us, up to 3 people can experience VR at a time. This summer (2020) we will expand the capacity to 5 people.
How can I pay for the service?
At the moment, VR Lounge can only be paid for by bank transfer or in cash.
What drinks and meals do we offer on site?
On site we have cold eco soft drinks from Öun and various snacks. By pre-ordering, we can order pizza or sushi from the nearby restaurant.
What to consider before visiting?
A pleasant selection of snacks should be ordered in advance, we can order pizza or sushi from the nearby restaurant. On site we have cold eco soft drinks from Öun and various snacks.